Creating avenues for 
FIT Changemakers

The PETE Prize experience provides opportunities for students to build and extend their relationships with established venture capitalists and industry experts through a series of clinics and workshops.

Who are we?

The PETE Prize is inspired by Peter G. Scotese, Chairman Emeritus of the FIT Board of Trustees, and a pioneering entrepreneur with distinguished professional accomplishments.

Initial funding for the prize is provided by Edwin Goodman, former Chair of the FIT Board of Trustees, and a partner of Activate Venture Partners; an investment firm whose mission is to develop a new generation of venture capitalists who are postured to leave a lasting impact on industry.  

The PETE Prize is administered by the FIT DTech Lab.

Are you PETE?

Entrepreneurship is changing and so are the qualities exemplified by successful leaders. PETE exemplifies the core characteristics that can revolutionize business by challenging norms and putting forth brave new ideas.  If you believe you have the vision to make the world a better place by being an innovative leader, the PETE Prize is for you.


Passion propels strong feelings and/or a strong belief.


An empathetic individual understands people and views ideas and experiences through a human-centered lens.


A tenacious person is unbreakable, unwilling to quit, adheres to their goal while remaining agile, and perseveres through challenges.


Entrepreneurs require enthusiasm in their drive to succeed!

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