Past Winners

2023 Grand Prize Winner

Ranea, Inc.

Habin Lee and Mary Addison Davis

Ranea is an athletic wear brand utilizing performance textiles to create an innovative collection of pieces, featuring zone compression, which facilitate proper muscle movement and the reduction of stress on chronic injuries.

2022 Grand Prize Winner

Vertige Adaptive, LLC

Haley Schwartz

Fashion-forward adaptive wear brand for people with health problems and disabilities, specifically targeting those wearing medical devices in their daily life who are seeking functional, stylish solutions for their wardrobe.

2023 Finalist


Yeajin Lim and Hyungmin Lee

Upcylink is an upcycling marketplace app that aims to reduce pollution and repurpose waste by connecting buyers and sellers to trade fashion materials.

2023 Finalist

District 9

Ashleen Tuteja

District 9 is an innovative functional clothing brand for truck drivers which enhances their on-road experience with embedded features designed to enhance safety and well-being.

2022 Finalist


Giovanna Haddad

Seed-to-Rack introduces a transformative chemical process utilizing farm waste to create new fiber technology.

2022 Finalist


Catherine Gabriel and Marc A. Santiago

Rendly’s mission is to create an online global platform that houses trade-certified 3D furniture files for designers to use in their renderings.